Welcome to a PeopleSmart “Journey of Self DISCovery” – and CONGRATULATIONS for enrolling in an exciting adventure, that will help you understand yourself and others simply by having distinctions you have probably never seen before! 

We hope you’ve packed for a real adventure, because this one will take you into a whole new world of DISCovery about what makes you and the others in your life so special. Prepare to see yourself now as the gift you truly are, and to learn how to put it to work – for YOU – for the world… and for every relationship you are ever in again for the rest of your life! 

The PeopleSmart Context and Culture:

  • Each one of us is a unique individual, born with capacities to be, do, have and enjoy much more than we ever thought possible. 
  • With the time, training resources, and the help of the PeopleSmart Founders, every PeopleSmart Self-DISCovery participant is filled with a new perspective about their own previous perceptions and stories about themselves, friends, family, and the personal relationships they have had in their life. 
  • Participants start achieving the little dreams they’ve had all their life and it gets easier to love themselves, as well as others they may not have totally understood before. 
  • You can expect to return home from this Journey feeling newer, safer around other people, more compassionate, and positive about how easily every relationship can work with what you learn in this course. 
  • In a PeopleSmart Culture like this, every relationship becomes stronger and more successful. People shift their focus from themselves and start looking “us-ward,” seeking the many new ways they can collaborate with others for making the biggest difference. 
  • This new perspective makes it possible for parents to see, know and honor each child’s and each other’s differences. Everyone in the family grows, and develops emotionally, intellectually, and socially into happy, self-confident human beings. People realize they are limited only by the size and scope of their imagination, hopes and dreams. 
  • With that shift and each person’s goals being met, everyone is inspired to be better givers and receivers. Conflict disappears and each person builds and contributes – as the popular song says – “to make this world a better place for you and me.” 

The PeopleSmart Purpose, Method and Result:

  • None of us were born with a tag on our toe listing the URL of a website for downloading a User’s Guide and Operating Manual, describing what few parents know intuitively at birth – how to work and develop each unique and beautiful child, especially those children who have none of the same style-qualities of the parents. When a child’s personality is nothing like their parents, decisions on how to treat them can become difficult. When there are siblings who behave and tune into life in completely different ways from each other, parents can find it difficult to manage those difficult sibling moments!  
  • As you progress through this course, we invite you to apply what you have learned with your family members. See if you don’t agree that this work holds the secret to having happier, highly self-confident and non-egotistical kids. Let us know if you see how to develop and nurture your own children – even if they are now young adults – helping them become more awake and aware of what it will take for them to become thriving, fully functioning, talented, and capable adults – the ones we each were designed to become at birth!  
  • Our METHOD: This PeopleSmart Journey of Self-DISCovery which you are now in, and its follow-on Certification course for those who already know they want to teach and share it, was designed to support every adult and professional be the best mentor they can be! 
  • All PeopleSmart courses, books, web sites, tools, training, blogs, social media pages and membership groups WERE DESIGNED just to support this purpose – to make it possible for all children to be born and raised in PeopleSmart families where the parents, caretakers, grandparents and teachers all had access to on-line training like this.  Think of the difference this would make, as each child grew up, if the parents and teachers knew exactly how to encourage, coach and develop them. And if they also knew how to focus on helping them develop their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, what would that make possible?
  • By the end of this course, you will feel confident enough of your own abilities and excitement about the vision YOU now see. We encourage you to take what you learn here and master it. We encourage you to share, and practice it in every way you can with your personal and professional groups, school systems and networks in your local, county, and country-wide communities…  
  • YOU WILL BENEFIT by having mastery of the tools we are teaching in order to make a difference in the world. We love this work and we won’t stop until it is being taught and used in every family, thus distributed by the masses – and in every language!

… THAT will fulfill on our own Purpose Method, and RESULT listed above!