DISCovering Me – DISC For Self Report


The DISCovering Me- DISC for Self Assessment identifies the patterns of observable behaviors each style exhibits. Knowing your primary style makes it easier to recognize and relate to the differences in other people. This model is simple, practical, and easy to remember and use.


With this personalized DISC report and the accompanying Guide, you will have the answer to understanding “who you are”, and the tools to help you become a better you in all situations you find yourself in. It will guide and strengthen your ability to be more flexible and adaptable when you are with people, who act and think differently, thus improving your relationships.

Learn how to positively persuade other people and drive sales, build “A” teams for special projects, improve hiring & selection, empower management or even become a more effective leader as a parent and much more!

In simplest terms, our DISCovering Me – DISC for Self Assessment is an invaluable behavioral tool that will develop your People-literacy skills for improving the human connection, in all your relationships.

Use this report for:

  • Tips and strategies to help you use more of your natural strengths;
  • Overcoming behavioral limitations and for getting the results you seek;
  • Learning how to bring out the natural Character Virtues you already have but may not have thought about or recognized before and;
  • How to think more optimistically.



I have taken DISC assessments in the past, but I have never seen DISC reports with so much great information for applying DISC in your life. Thanks PeopleSmart I’m going to practice, practice and practice what has been suggested in your DISC reports!


I am new to managing people, and so I really loved reading my DISC Leadership report, as it’s given me a way to better understand my style and the style of others. I didn’t realize just how much I was getting wrong when trying to motivate my staff! Thanks guys for a great tool!