DISCovering My Leadership Style Report


The DISCovering My Leadership Style Assessment not only reveals your personal strengths, but provides ways to identify and adapt your own leadership style to motivate, manage, acknowledge and align others.  This valuable report is ideal for anyone wanting to develop their leadership skills or who is in a leadership role.


An indisputable fact is that people prefer to work for people they like and respect. The ability to create and maintain rapport with people is a fundamental skill in leadership and everyday life. The goal of the DISCovering My Leadership Style Assessment is to help you create personal chemistry and productive relationships. You do not have to change your personality; you simply have to understand what drives people and recognize your options for effectively leading them.


I have taken DISC assessments in the past, but I have never seen DISC reports with so much great information for applying DISC in your life. Thanks PeopleSmart I’m going to practice, practice and practice what has been suggested in your DISC reports!



I am new to managing people, and so I really loved reading my DISC Leadership report, as it’s given me a way to better understand my style and the style of others. I didn’t realize just how much I was getting wrong when trying to motivate my staff! Thanks guys for a great tool!