Kids DISC Profile Report


For all those who work with or influence children from 10 years old through to 13 years old, who are parents, caretakers, grandparents, social workers, teachers, activity leaders and sports coaches, can now put to use the personalized, advanced training for adults AND children found in the PeopleSmart DISC for KIDS assessment!

For all those who work with or influence children from 10 years old through to 13 years old, who are parents, caretakers, grandparents, social workers, teachers, activity leaders and sports coaches, can now put to use the personalized, advanced training for adults AND children found in the PeopleSmart DISC for KIDS assessment!

This revolutionary Self-Educational tool allows a young person (with the help of an adult if reading support is needed) to choose from 30 sets of multiple choice phrases describing ways they see themselves Most and Least-often in typical interactions at home and with others at school.

Taken on-line, their answers immediately create a customized report using the analogies of popular BIRDS whose typical habits are used to teach the Primary Style Dimensions of DISC. The report is professionally written by experts in parenting, teaching and coaching and is the PERFECT GUIDE every parent and teacher has always needed for how to relate to, address and encourage each child in the family or classroom – something NEVER BEFORE available so affordably anywhere that we have found! The strategies and coaching tips are all right here in this Kids DISC Profile Report.

The report is available just for the child if administered in the classroom, plus the additional sections, written just for the PARENT, the TEACHER, and the COACH are included to send home at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!

The Kids DISC assessment is an opportunity for children to learn more about themselves! Inside the report, kids, and the adults around them, will discover how special and unique they are. Each child’s bird style is their superpower, and the Kids DISC Profile assessment by PeopleSmart helps them to be the best that they can be.

Kids DISC was designed for kids, parents, teachers, and more...

Gain a deeper understanding of a child and their behavior with the Kids DISC assessment. Created especially for kids, using language that they understand, the Kids DISC report offers significant insights based on the assessment. With three distinct sections for kids, parents, and teachers, this report contains helpful information for the child and the adults in their lives.

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The Four Bird Styles

The Eagle Style: When you picture an Eagle, what do you see? Eagles are powerful birds who fly high in the sky above the forests, lakes, and rivers. They are at the top of the food chain! If they see something they want... WHOOSH! They dive down and get it.

Kids with the Eagle style are confident, determined, and competitive. They say what they think and do what they want. They take charge and take action. They make quick decisions and aren’t afraid of risks. They love to win and hate to lose.

The Parrot Style: Imagine a Parrot in the canopy of the jungle with all their bird friends. Can you hear the noisy Parrot cawing out loud? Do you see the bright, colorful feathers that attract everyone’s attention? Can you picture all the fun that Parrot has flapping around with other birds?

Kids with the Parrot style are enthusiastic, smiley, and social. They love to talk, laugh, and joke around with friends. They try new things and come up with wild ideas. To be a Parrot is to be the life of the party—and a bit of a mischief maker!

The Dove Style: Picture a white Dove on a shady, tree branch. The Dove coos softly and kindly with a few other birds. The Dove would never hurt anyone. The Dove is there to support other birds and keep them out of trouble.

Kids with the Dove style are thoughtful, helpful, and caring. They love to do nice things for others. They think about how others feel and always try to serve their needs. Doves have big hearts and share their love freely.

The Owl Style: Picture an Owl perched in a nest with wide-open eyes. The Owl notices every little detail of the forest—every color, every animal, every gust of wind. The forest is fascinating and fills the Owl with curiosity and questions. The Owl wants to know everything.

Kids with the Owl style are precise, analytical, and careful. They have a reason for everything they do and say. They are organized and consistent. They like to plan ahead and learn everything they can before making decisions.


Where was this tool called the KIDS DISC PROFILE, when I was a Middle School Principal? When working with parents and the PTA, they were always concerned about losing the ability to communicate more effectively and were concerned about losing their connections with their children. Well, this tool would have been perfect because the parents would learn and understand how their children navigate the world. This way parents would learn how they can adapt the way they communicate with their children just by understanding their styles as well as their children’s styles.

The KIDS DISC PROFILE results for parents and their children will tell you and your children your Strengths and Challenges, your Bird style at school and with Family and Friends. But most important, in my view, is parents will learn how to adapt their parenting for each one of their children. It even has a section on Parenting the four styles, called Information for Your Parents that focuses on  parenting each one of your children. Excellent!!

But you know what I really love…the BIRDS! You see DISC is hard to remember, but when you connect your style with the BIRDS, you will never forget! I highly recommend that you as a parent and your child and also if you are a teacher take this assessment. I promise you, your relationships will always be more productive and loving all at the same time.

Dr. Janet J. Sawyer

Award Winning Middle School Principal, PhD in Education & Leadership Coach

Personal DISC Insights: Kids ages 10 – 13yrs

I am a “MISS Parrot with an Eagle”. People and problems motivate me. I tend to talk a lot and always question problems. I like to have control and need LOTS of people to be around ME!! When I am STRESSED I will either dictate and get angry or talk a whole lot more than normal! ME, MYSELF and I describe ourselves as bubbly, funny, outgoing and hardworking when the times right. I am everyone’s cheerleader (a good excuse to be very loud)…

I’m a Dove and I like people. I like to go at a slow steady pace. I also fear sudden change in certain situations. I get angry, and nervous under stress. I like to take my time with things. When it comes to performances I am afraid people will criticize me about my performances that is why I’m shy… 

I am a Parrot. To get the best out of me you need to invite me to parties, talk to me, don’t ignore me and I need to trust you. When I am stressed I talk more and I attack verbally. I love talking to everyone and I love having lots of friends!