Build stronger and more loving relationships with your all your family members.


Excel academically and personally by improving your communication skills with friends and teachers.


Create your ideal work environment with your co-workers and team leaders.


Improve sales by building instant rapport with customers

Courses for Developing People-Literacy

Would you like to learn how to increase your ability to relate to all types of people?
​Would you like to know how to develop a more caring, compassionate and kind World?

Improve all aspects of your life by learning how to effectively communicate and build relationships with all styles of people. Work, school, family and business all depend on having meaningful interactions with others. Our lives are improved when we understand how best to communicate with people, and become more ‘People-literate‘. Wouldn’t it be great if you could adapt your behavior to accommodate the needs of others?

At PeopleSmart Academy we develop online courses to improve your People-literacy skills to help you attain your goals at work with your business, your family or at school.


What makes our course so fantastic


Get certified to become a
People-literacy expert

Instructor Lead Assessments

You have an instructor who will review and comment on the assessments you submit

Ask Your Instructor

Communicate directly with your instructor on any questions you have throughout the course

Ask Your Instructor

Communicate directly with your instructor on any questions you have throughout the course

What others say about our training?

What makes our courses so fantastic

I found the DISC training through People Smart very helpful and very thorough. The on line resources meant you could progress at your own pace, going back to check or explore areas that you needed further understanding on and working on it at times that suited you (for me during the Christmas Holiday period).

​The bite sized nature of each tutorials meant you couldn’t get overwhelmed with content, enhancing the ability to take on the material. Having ‘face time’ with a PeopleSmart trainer through the process also provided the ability to ‘check in’ on areas you may have needed clarification on. The work books and e-resources also provided great reference material to use in support of the on line tutorials . All in all a great way to learn more about DISC in a well-supported way!

Graeme, Consultant - New Zealand

As a Manager DISC has supported me to employ staff that have the right behaviours for the role. When new staff members begin they often have to “hit the ground running”, and DISC gives me a way of quickly integrating them into the team, as I am more aware of their behavioural needs.

I also now have a better understanding of why people communicate and react the way they do to certain situations.  This understanding enables me as a manager to communicate and approach each member of my staff more effectively, which means we all benefit. Knowing what the needs are of each DISC style has supported me to better interact and communicate. 

The overall process has been an extremely useful and enlightening experience for staff and myself. I am looking forward to gaining more understanding of my DISC leadership style, and of learning how to embed the methodology and understanding of DISC, into the school’s culture and its community.

Heather, Principal - New Zealand

Adventures in a Thriving World Pte Ltd (Singapore): We’ve been working with PeopleSmart since 2011 and I will say that they are truly masters with the distinctions and insights on the DISC and related assessments. The system is also robust, meets all our needs and the needs of our clients, the features are extensive and very comprehensive, and the support is fantastic – it’s just been simply an amazing experience working with the team.

Douglas, Founder and Director, Trainer and Coach, Entrepreneur

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