DISC Certification

The PeopleSmart Academy DISC Certification Course is perfect for you if you are a Coach, Consultant, Professional, or Business Owner who is seeking a mastery level understanding of the DISC Behavioral Model using the PeopleSmart DISC Interpretation Method. Would you like the expertise and training in DISC to separate yourself from others in your field? Would you like to provide debrief services for taking others through their DISC report?  Then this is the course for you. 

Become a fully trained DISC Practitioner Coach or Consultant. Have instant recognition of personality styles in everyday life. Master relationship and team alignment. Add consulting and assessments to create a secondary profit center for your business. On completion of this course you will have the competence and confidence to interpret and debrief a PeopleSmart Academy DISC report. Like our assessments, we’ve kept our certification course at we feel is a great price. We believe that leveraging the right validated tools — and the correct training to use them — should never be cost prohibitive.


Course Overview

On completion of the PeopleSmart Academy DISC Certification Course you will be able to administer, interpret and deeply understand and be able to teach and apply the DISC four-quadrant model in your managing, coaching, training, or study programs. Once qualified you will be able to coach and interpret DISC graphs and reports with proficiency.

Armed with a deep knowledge and understanding of DISC you will be able to apply the DISC model and its insights into human behavior in many different personal and business applications. You will also be given a JPEG Badge of Certification for your website, email signature and misc. digital marketing (upon course completion).

In this training you will:

  • Learn how to administer and interpret a DISC report.
  • Know how to debrief a DISC report.
  • Understand and interpret the different types of DISC Graphs.
  • Learn how to interpret the Word Sketch Chart.
  • Know how to explain the four DISC Dimensions.
  • Understand what the needs, emotions and fears are for each DISC dimension.
  • Know about the 12 Integrated Style relationships.Understand behavior and intensity descriptors for each style.
  • Know the characteristics for each of the four DISC primary styles.
  • Understand why different speed and focus in a person can cause conflict.


What others are saying:

I found the DISC training through People Smart very helpful and very thorough. The on line resources meant you could progress at your own pace, going back to check or explore areas that you needed further understanding on. The bite sized nature of each module meant you couldn’t get overwhelmed with content, enhancing the ability to take on the material.

John - New Zealand

Years ago, I was introduced to DISC and thought that only certain DISC styles made good business coaches or business owners, while others DISC styles did not. And I also thought that I had the “bad” one! So over the years, I had never willingly shared my DISC style with my clients, and had been trying hard to become that “good” DISC personality style of a coach. After participating in the training and sharing these perceptions with the PeopleSmart Academy Instructor, I learned that these thoughts were just assumptions! I can’t believe after 8 years of knowing DISC, and teaching DISC to other people, I still got such a big “AHA” moment from the training. It’s simply amazing!

Terry - Indonesia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my time investment?
People move at different speeds so it’s hard to make an accurate estimation, however we have provided an approximate duration with each lesson. Below is a course curriculum which contains the estimated duration for each lesson.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to the course for 12 months. If you have not completed the course within that time you can contact us and we will consider an extension.
Does this course have any certificates?
Yes, upon completion of the course you will receive a digital certificate, and a printed copy if you would like one.
Can I have face to face interaction with Instructor
This is an online self paced course, however, you are free to contact the instructor via our direct messaging system from the course area.
When does the course start and finish?
This is self paced learning course. You get access to the training material for 12 months.

Course Curriculum

  • DISC Certification Introduction – Video Preview
    2 minutes
  • Types of DISC Reports and Graphs
    30 minutes
  • Sections of A DISC-M Report
    30 minutes
  • Interpreting a DISC Graph
    30 minutes
  • Interpreting a DISC Graph Knowledge Assessment
  • Certification Module 2 Debrief – Video
    6 minutes
  • Interpreting the Word Sketch Charts
    30 minutes
  • Putting Words to a DISC Graph
    30 minutes
  • Debriefing a DISC Report Exercise
  • Debriefing a DISC Report Knowledge Assessment
  • Certification Module 3 Debrief – Video
    5 minutes
  • Translating DISC Graphs
    30 minutes
  • Translating DISC Graphs Knowledge Assessment
  • Certification Module 4 Debrief – Video
    5 minutes
  • Introducing the 12 Behavioral Tendencies
    30 minutes
  • Behavioral Tendencies Descriptors
    30 minutes
  • The Diamond DISC Wheel
    30 minutes
  • Strong and Weak Traits
    30 minutes
  • The 12 Behavioral Tendencies Knowledge Assessment
  • Certification Module 5 Debrief – Video
    6 minutes
  • Characteristics of Each Style
    30 minutes
  • The Value of Knowing Your Blind Spots
    30 minutes
  • Certification Module 6 Debrief – Video
    8 minutes
  • Organize Your Participants
    30 minutes
  • Debriefing A DISC Report
    30 minutes
  • DISC Graph Interpretation Debrief Assignment
    File Upload
  • DISC Practitioner Certification Insights Assignment
    File Upload
  • Applying DISC
    30 minutes
  • DISC Certification Webinar
    30 minutes
  • DISC Certification Completion – Video
    5 minutes

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