Let’s start by defining what we mean when we say, “the art of leadership”.

Leadership is about having the ability to make and build positive relationships. It is knowing how to show empathy to the person you are communicating with.

The art of leadership is also about, after the first thirty seconds of meeting someone, leaving positive first impressions. In these first 30 seconds could you tell us how you will maximize your time with that person, to both give and receive value? Would you know how to inspire them to achieve a goal, or how to give feedback for changing a behavior? You see, how you give feedback to one person may not be how you give the same feedback to another person. The way you deliver the feedback would need to change.

If you answered ‘no’ you will gain a lot of benefit when you apply the tips in this course. The art of leadership means you know how to make that first impression a positive one, especially when leading a new team for the first time. It’s not about “telling”, it’s about “inspiring”. Any person-to-person interaction can be fun, productive and easier when you can approach it with the people-literacy skills you will learn here.